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The Reach Of Dearness Into Depression

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When: May 21, 2013
Evening Meeting

Q: How do I keep my life energy when I live with a husband that I deeply love, am deeply connected to, but who is very depressed and full of pain? How do I cope with that?

John: Instead of being your self to him and with him, be dear to him and be dear with him. That helps him to realize what matters. If he has honesty in his depression, dearness reaches him. Dearness opens him and brings him forward. If it’s a drain to you, you’re using your self too much and you’re not using what works. 

Dearness reaches him and dearness reaches you. 

Q: And how do I give my life energy?

Dearness gives you life energy. Dearness puts you into your heart. 

When you’re in your heart, you’re connected to your being. You have an input of energy into your life that doesn’t come from your self, so then you’re not depleting your self. You’re drawing from your own being. 

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