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The following list of words frequently used by John, are defined here within the context of his teachings.

The body is also a vehicle for truth, attuned to what you are being in your heart. The body adapts to whatever you are being in it, but the natural way of your body is that of the heart, open and soft. In the most quiet way, the body, on its own, reminds you to rest and open your heart.

An uncommon honesty that splits through the core of false beliefs, no longer believing what you want to be true, need to be true, or wish were true. Core-splitting honesty is informed exclusively by a deeper, direct knowledge untouched by self-interest.

Paying the cost for what you know is true means that regardless of how you are treated, regardless of what happens to you, you will not close or harden in even the smallest way to protect your ego, your self or your heart. The personal expense of valuing openness and softness of heart above all else costs you a life based on self-satisfaction.

The heart holds the power of belief, the power to harden and live for the self, or the power to believe a quieter, deeper truth. The heart gives belief to the deep and brings the deep into the self and the person. The nature of the heart is to be open and soft, and when you are in your heart, you heal the distortion of self-oriented patterning. Your heart is the threshold of your being.

Knowing is the relationship between consciousness and meaning, whether it is knowing to be kind or knowing a holiness in nature. Knowing is how honesty sees and your heart receives goodness.

Love at the deepest level is the very movement of meaning and your being. Love is the innermost of everything.

Meaning is fundamental to existence, from the absolute to everyday experience. It is what we all want, but we strive to fill ourselves with it instead of giving ourselves to it. Simply resting and being honest within, meaning moves from the deep into life, as the essence of beauty.

When you are gentled and quieted within, you naturally open and soften. Openness and softness of heart is the most basic form of true beingness and the beginning of your return to the actual opportunity of being in a body.

The person is you interacting with those around you, your behaviour as a personality.

The self is your conditioned identity, your immediate inner experience. The self is where ego has most play because everything in life seems to revolve around it. While the self tends to distract from what is deeper, it is innocent. Released of their need for positive experience, the self and person become available to expression of what is deeper, the heart and the being.

You are awareness, choosing to be either honest or dishonest on any level. You can be a quality of being — resistance, okayness, softness, sweetness. You can choose to be in your heart or to close to the deep and live for the self. You, as awareness can go deeper and deeper, and relate to the levels of your being.

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