By registering for an event you are agreeing to follow these policies

Copyright, Recording & Publishing

  • All public meetings and events with John de Ruiter are copyrighted and recorded in a variety of photographic, audio and video media. Informal meetings or gatherings may also be recorded.
  • These recordings may be distributed and / or published on a range of platforms by The College of Integrated Philosophy.
  • Unauthorized photographs, audio, or video recordings of any kind are prohibited.

Refunds Policy

  • Applicable only to those events hosted by the College of Integrated Philosophy. For co-hosted events please refer to their terms & conditions.
  • Refunds will only be given for cancellations received 7 days prior to the scheduled start date of the event.
  • If you would like to request a refund please write to [email protected] or submit a support request.
  • A $50.00 administration fee applies to each refunded registration.

Covid & Event Changes

When booking online events, particularly Online Intensives, be mindful that if local health measures permit, the online event may be changed to a hybrid of in-person & online or in-person event only at short notice so we may need to cancel or change registration & event details.
Fees for in-person events may cost more.

Open Mic Policy

  • All dialogues with John at Open Mics will be recorded and may be included in a CD, DVD, podcast, video or transcript. Your participation implies agreement with the following conditions:
    • I am aware that I may be filmed, photographed, video taped, audio taped at informal sessions related to the teachings and philosophies of John de Ruiter, and I consent to recordings and reproductions being made, now or in the future.
    • I grant to The College of Integrated Philosophy all rights to films, photographs, video recordings, audio recordings, literary recordings and other recordings, materials, products and reproductions, for sale or broadcast, and their use for advertising, promotional or commercial purposes.
    • I am aware that no unauthorized photographic, video, audio, literary or other recordings may be made, unless such permission has been granted by The College of Integrated Philosophy in writing, and that all such material is the property of, and copyrighted by, The College of Integrated Philosophy. I shall not make any unauthorized recordings in any form, at any time.
    • I hereby waive in favour of The College of Integrated Philosophy any property rights, including moral rights, that I may have in such materials and products, recordings and reproductions.

Childcare Policy

  • Children 18 years of age and under may attend meetings free of charge. Accommodation costs vary per venue.
  • Children 10 years of age and under must be under adult supervision at all times while at the venue or event.
  • Noisy or chatty babies must be brought out of the hall as a courtesy to others and to accommodate the audio recording of the meeting.
  • Parents are responsible for making their own childcare arrangements.

Subscription Policy

  • When registering for an event, you agree that your email adress may be added to our Newsletter list.
  • You can unsubscribe at any time if you no longer wish to receive these emails.

Additional Receipts

  • If you require additional tax receipts there is a $25 admin fee