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About John de Ruiter

“My sole purpose is to be, in life, what we are after we've died. Through openness and softness of heart and core-splitting honesty at any personal cost, I live as that while actualizing the same in others I meet. I am available as a resource for anyone who recognizes and values this way of being.”

– John de Ruiter

Birth Date
November 11, 1959

Openness & Softness of Heart

When you are gentled and quieted within, you naturally open and soften. Openness and softness of heart is the most basic form of true beingness and the beginning of your return to the actual opportunity of being in a body.

Core-Splitting Honesty

An uncommon honesty that splits through the core of false beliefs, no longer believing what you want to be true, need to be true, or wish were true. Core-splitting honesty is informed exclusively by a deeper, direct knowledge untouched by self-interest.

At Any Personal Cost

Paying the cost for what you know is true means that regardless of how you are treated, regardless of what happens to you, you will not close or harden in even the smallest way to protect your ego, your self or your heart. The personal expense of valuing openness and softness of heart above all else costs you a life based on self-satisfaction.

A Living Resource, Actualizing in Others

For the last thirty years John has been sharing his knowledge from his home base in Edmonton, Alberta, establishing the College of Integrated Philosophy in 2006. John is currently holding weekly Interactive Livestreams and multi-day online ‘Intensives’ as meeting in person is no longer possible due to Covid-19 restrictions. These livestreams are a wonderful opportunity for anyone to speak and/or connect with John.

“In meeting with another person, a connection takes place and, in that, I’m able to actualize in them, what we are after we die, by directly transferring and opening it up in their experience. Once experienced, their direct knowledge of this is able to root and can continue to grow as they respond to and live by the truth they know.” 

With topics spanning all levels of our human existence, from the practical to the profound, many of the dialogues from these livestreams are recorded and available online as videos, podcasts, and transcriptions. 

“What I’m doing in this life is most unusual. I’m really clear about that, and all of the choices that I’ve made are based on what I know. Truth is not a mystery – its greatest secrets are yours to know through simple honesty and surrender to what that honesty reveals.” –John de Ruiter


Anna B.

“Meeting John has confirmed to me that there are much deeper levels to being human in this life than what we think. What we deeply long for is possible to be lived. John is a pure, ever soft and loving yet stark and direct expression of the one and only truth that we all know deep down inside of our hearts.”


Lasse J.


“John has completely changed my life and aligned me with my inner truth. It has been a very touching and beautiful transformation; getting to know what real love is and the deeper reality of life. John has a very powerful and loving presence, and he lives what he teaches to the bone! He is a very rare living example of what true love is in this world.”


Leone L.

“I knew there had to be something more to life, something was always missing. When I met John, I was reached deeply like nothing I had known before. I came to know deeper levels in my self, levels of inner peace. I am so grateful that John has made himself, and what he has awakened to, available. I couldn't wish for anything more.”

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