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John de Ruiter holds regular meetings exploring, through dialogue and silent connection, the foundations and subtleties of being alive. The objective is existence calling attention to itself, compelling us to know and be what is true. The method is the only one that works: knowing and core-splitting honesty.
Meetings with John are for the realization of meaning in all aspects of our existence, to address life by knowledge and sincerity rather than fear, desire, and speculation. Life is mysterious, but we are able to know. We know how we are being inside, when the heart is hard and when it is soft. We know kindness and love. We know what is true within and we can know the deeper meaning of this life.

“Knowing is the tiniest voice of truth within an open and soft heart.  Core-splitting honesty is the ability to hear it.”

John de Ruiter

John de Ruiter is a spiritual pioneer, teaching that life’s meaning can be known and lived through “core-splitting honesty.” In his teens, John awakened to fundamental levels of reality. Ever since, his life and teaching have been informed by that direct knowing, a true inspiration that he encourages in those he meets. John’s meetings include silence, connection by eye contact, and dialogue. They are an opportunity to come to rest while actively realizing deeper subtleties of being human, knowing what we really are and allowing that reality to change our lives.


John speaks about consciousness, about the world, and profound awakening. His meetings also explore practical topics such as relationship, parenting and emotion. However, the heart of every teaching and meeting is the fundamental presence of knowing. Knowing, the link between consciousness and truth, is always discernible within profound honesty. Knowing is the only sure ground, the great healer, the doorway to meaning.


Thousands of people around the world have responded to John and seen the profound significance of knowing. That awakening within each person forms deeper relationship with others. John’s weekly meetings in Edmonton have a vibrant social element as people get together for discussion, tea and coffee, and to enjoy good company. John’s international events extend this community to the world, to those attending the meetings and tuning in via podcast and live stream.

John de Ruiter

John is the son of Dutch immigrants to Stettler, Alberta. His father taught shoe repair to John when he was a boy, which John developed to become a skilled orthopedic shoe maker. John was more focused on adventure than higher and deeper things, until he stumbled into an immense awakening. Other dimensions flooded John’s being and he saw that his life would be absorbed by what he had come to know. Seeking understanding of his early awakening, John immersed himself in the study of the Bible, both on his own and in seminary. He began working as a junior pastor at a church in Edmonton, but saw that his calling would require a new platform. He began meeting with a small group of people in his living room, where John unveiled realities and spoke to the hearts of a growing number of people.

Thousands have found deep inspiration in John’s teaching. Depths of awareness open as John remains devoted to the source of his awakening, the same truth that revealed itself to him when he was seventeen. Offering an ever-deepening view of what we really are, John responds to invitations around the world and holds regular meetings at The College of Integrated Philosophy in Edmonton.

Aside from four meetings per week, regular events abroad, and four major seminars in Edmonton, John attends parties, dinners and sits with people in the Jewel Cafe, which is open for tea, coffee and dining before meetings. In every setting, John connects with others to encourage all levels of development. He speaks to profound levels in others and also supports people in the personal and practical dimensions of their lives.

John enjoys the outdoors: four-wheel driving, camping, and river boating. Craftsmanship and adventure have always featured in John’s life. It began with such childhood adventures as building rafts, raising pigeons and exploring the wilderness. As a young man, he excelled in carpentry, shoemaking and mechanics.  John is still innovating today, living and speaking profound truth, letting inspiration flow through surrender.


John speaks about consciousness, about the world, and profound awakening. His meetings also explore practical topics such as relationship, parenting and emotion. However, the heart of every teaching and meeting is the fundamental presence of knowing. Knowing, the link between consciousness and truth, is always discernible within profound honesty. Knowing is the beginning of a pure heart, a healthy mind and body, and the realization of meaning.

“It’s all in you,” says John. Life’s deeper meaning is available within openness and softness of heart, within a profound honesty that knows and loves whatever is true.

“Openness and softness of heart is a very basic yet deep restedness in the heart. It is the door to everything true within. Absolute surrender within, through openness and softness of heart, unfailingly releases the false and leaves behind just the truth.”
Openness and softness of heart allows what John calls “core-splitting honesty,” a profound inner discernment “cutting all the way through as deep as that honesty goes.” Core-splitting honesty seeks nothing but what it is true and good. The focus is simple, but the application is endless. We can take in the intricacies of the world and the human interior, meeting meaning with meaning. The richness of existence pours in as you continue to let go of each attachment you know is less meaningful.

Core-splitting honesty undoes personal interest but leaves the knowledge and meaning that we most deeply love. “Honesty is just a true inclination of your being. Honesty is the only thing that can get inside and crack distortion open. Absolutely anything else only makes it worse. Concerning everything that you’ve let into your mind and that you’ve let into your heart, believe none of it and then believe whatever it is that you actually know the truth of in the privacy of your own heart.”

You may know only a tiny little bit, but you know there is something more within. As small as that knowledge may be, it is all you need. It is the only door to more.

Entrance to that “more” excludes the fears and desires that grip us. John suggests that, despite the intensity of personal experience,“nothing in your life counts for anything. All there is that counts for anything at all, is what honesty actually knows is true. And it lives for that and it dies for that. It is everything for that. You finally get to give up all your rights, your right to love, your right to happiness, your right to pain relief, your right to peace and all there is that remains that has any right-of-way ever again is the tiniest little bit that you know is true.”

And yet, once personal satisfaction means nothing compared with deeper knowledge, the personal blossoms. In treasuring your deepest knowledge of goodness for its own sake and loving the transformation that goodness inspires, you live to honour the profound rather than using it for personal satisfaction. Every move, whether in the heart or in daily life, you make “simply because you know to.” Meaning replaces motive and knowing releases the myriad beliefs that you want to be true. Surrendered to your own real knowledge of truth, you are free to be what you are, not what you want to be, to love what is good instead of what satisfies your conditioning, to seek what is real and true more than happiness itself. Such purity of heart lets everything rest, and rested, it grows.

John’s teaching is about integration. While some may dismiss the material world as illusory or profound reality as elusive, John holds that both are real and relevant. There is an order of meaning, however, determined by core-splitting honesty and knowing. Life’s experience belongs to knowing and, by knowing, depths of inner meaning are manifested on the surface. Kindness, integrity and love matter. They result naturally from integration of the deep. It’s an expression, a continual evolution, as manifold as the subtleties of deeper reality. Fulfil surface life and realize the profound. That’s what John is about. As complete and simple as sincerity, the way of truth is knowing.

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“Everyone knows about honesty. Everyone knows how powerful it is, what kind of healer it is. We know it so well that we actually cover it up and create a system or a confusion inside so that we can say in our mind that we do not know how to be honest. We know that if we were to let ourselves really see just a tiny little bit of that real honesty, its power would immediately pierce through everything. And everything that honesty touched would instantly heal.”

—John de Ruiter


In 2006, John opened The College of Integrated Philosophy in Edmonton to facilitate weekly meetings, seminars, and community events. The building reflects the delicateness, simplicity, openness, and depth of the weekly meetings held there each week.

Aside from seminars, The College features The Jewel Cafe, open before each meeting. The cafe allows people to enjoy each other’s company and speak with John. Other highlights include monthly film viewings, garden parties and the two finest events: the Western Style Barbecue and the New Year’s Eve celebration. Trust, sincerity and respect uplift the social environment around meetings with John. The vitality of the community comes from a shared interest in profound integrity and evolution.

College Events

Weekly Meetings in Edmonton

Fridays, Sundays, and Mondays, about 300 people get together at the College, for coffee, tea, dining, and meetings of profound inner realization. Meetings vary each week, with new questions and insights and new subtleties in silence, always available to a quieted heart.

Meetings are a unique opportunity for awakening and growth, to see new depths in you and witness other people learning, opening, and healing. These meetings can be the encounter of a lifetime — and they take place every week.

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Quarterly Seminars

In a single meeting, depths of awareness open and people awaken and change. John’s seminars are several days of meetings, including time in the cafe. Over so many days, major themes develop as questioners draw from previous talks. Like the threads of discussion, the energy develops as well. The result is a culminating occurrence of profound meaning.

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The Jewel Cafe

The cafe is a vibrant social space which supports the developments in meetings. Food, drink, and good company are highlights, as well as the grand piano and a gorgeous espresso machine.

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Special Events

“Know thyself” and know the good people all around you. The New Year’s Eve party, Western Style BBQ, David Thompson Resort Camping Trip, Cinema Nights, and other festivities are an excellent complement to meetings and seminars.

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International Events

People are responding worldwide to John and his message of knowing and meaning. John currently holds events in India, Israel, Canada and several countries in Europe. These international retreats include meetings, open mic gatherings and oftentimes meals shared with John.

Open Mic Gatherings:
The open mic gatherings with John are a more conversational format, often filled with laughter, practical topics, and dynamism. The connections may also be deep and still, as the awakenings of meetings continue to develop.

People also connect via live streams as part of a wider international community.

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John de Ruiter Live Streams & VOD

Live Streams

The live streams are an opportunity to view meetings with John from around the world on your computer or mobile device. This is a way to stay connected with John’s evolving message. Watch live as John shows people how life’s meaning is at our fingertips and how truth is ours to know and realize in this life. View the schedule for next live streams:

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Video on Demand

If you can’t view the live streams at the prescribed times, then you can watch them at your convenience on demand. Videos of John’s meetings are available on demand within 24 hours of airing live. These videos are a vast and growing resource of John’s teachings from various locations around the world.

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John de Ruiter Podcast

John de Ruiter Podcast

There are three ways to listen to the John de Ruiter podcast:

1. Podcast Player

Listen to present and past audio and video episodes on our Podcast Player.


2. Subscribe Free on iTunes

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Online Store

Audio downloads • Live streams • Video on demand • Books

Hundreds of John’s meetings are available for immediate download in the store.

  • AUDIO 385 – Beyond All Familiarity: A Midnight Being, Here In This World

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  • AUDIO 384 – The All-Consuming Invitation: Embodying the Freedom of Quietude

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  • AUDIO 383 – The Kiss of Unknown Love: Magical You, Revealed

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  • AUDIO 382 – As A Moth to the Flame: Taken Into the Origin of You

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John de Ruiter Books

Introducing a new book by John de Ruiter, The Intelligence of Love. Focusing on relationship, parenting and sexuality, The Intelligence of Love puts into words how profound honesty changes life from the inside out, how the vastness of human consciousness begins with an open and soft heart.

  • Unveiling Reality: The Awakening of Core-Splitting Honesty

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  • The Intelligence of Love: Manifesting Your Being In This World



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“Healing takes place when openness unconditionally and tenderly embraces the past.” —John de Ruiter

January 26, 2017

“Be no longer a student of your self, but a child of your heart.” —John de Ruiter

November 29, 2016

“Everything that is real is available to you, even the stars.” —John de Ruiter

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“Your real life is about alignment, from your innermost outwards.” —John de Ruiter

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