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“In meetings I show others dimensions within, greater than the world without. There is far more within us than we perceive of the universe, our planet, our lives. Within our interiors are myriad levels of form, like the world outside of ourselves, with systems, structures, and relationships. You can let these deeper streams into your heart, changing you from the inside out. When we move with authenticity as awareness, that movement isn’t going to be as thought and feeling; it is the movement of the being, and that movement is love.”


– Excerpt from The Intelligence of Love by John de Ruiter

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The Intelligence of Love

Ebook / Paperback / Kindle

Focusing on relationship, parenting and sexuality, The Intelligence of Love puts into words how profound honesty changes life from the inside out, how the vastness of human consciousness begins with an open and soft heart.

Unveiling Reality

Ebook / Paperback / Kindle

Unveiling Reality captures live meetings with one of the most prolific speakers on truth and awakening. While John de Ruiter holds retreats and seminars worldwide and at his homebase in Edmonton, Canada, Unveiling Reality brings this life-changing wisdom to your fingertips, giving you a tangible experience of John’s dialogues.

Amongst the distractions, the confusion, and longing for purpose, you can discover the infinite nurture of your own heart and what’s deeper. Unveiling Reality helps reveal the truth within our consciousness that we know when we are profoundly rested at heart.

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