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Uncover the mystery of your deepest purpose in life by joining our next interactive live stream on Zoom. Take part as a viewer or engage in one-on-one dialogues with John. Available twice a day on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays.

Meet John de Ruiter

John de Ruiter is a spiritual pioneer, teaching that life’s meaning can be known and lived through “core-splitting honesty.” In his teens, John awakened to fundamental levels of reality. Ever since, his life and teaching have been informed by that direct knowing, a true inspiration that he encourages in those he meets. John’s meetings include silence, connection by eye contact, and dialogue. They are an opportunity to come to rest while actively realizing deeper subtleties of being human, knowing what we really are and allowing that reality to change our lives.


John talks at Global Oneness Online Summit

October 21, 2021

Enjoy this conversation with John de Ruiter and Puria Kästele as John describes the value of difficulty in our evolution as awareness.
The conversation is free to watch and will be available on October 21st @ 11:45 am PST as part of the 12th Annual Global Oneness Online Summit.

Highlights from Interactive Live Streams

Henrik L.


“If you’re looking for a guide to know your human consciousness, with John you are on the right path for precise, serious and gentle guidance.”

Moe B.

Corporate Coach

“Every topic and question I have ever raised with John has been met with response that has slayed me, opening me with total clarity and love from the deepest of the deep. It feels like I have stumbled into a miracle on this planet. John has given me a map of the way ‘home’; a bounty of rich invitations to open and soften and be quieted in my heart, as I’m guided to a new orientation. This is changing me, transforming how I parent, how I work as a coach and how I show up as a human being on this planet. The seeker in me is quieting as I find what I was looking for, no longer searching for meaning as I discover that meaning is what I am.”

Lasse J.


“John has completely changed my life and aligned me with my inner truth. It has been a very touching and beautiful transformation; getting to know what real love is and the deeper reality of life. John has a very powerful and loving presence, and he lives what he teaches to the bone! He is a very rare living example of what true love is in this world.”