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The Real Purpose Of Your Life

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When: November 17, 2015
Evening Open Mic

Q: I’m longing to know the purpose of my life.

John: You don’t need one. It’s only in your self that you’re able to even comprehend a sense of purpose. When you can be happy without any reason at all, you’re just beginning to fulfill your life’s purpose.

Anything that you do with the use of your self that gives you a sense of purpose isn’t telling you the truth.

When you can be deeply happy without any reason at all then you also realize that it doesn’t matter very much what you do in this life. It doesn’t matter much what your career is. It doesn’t matter much what job you have. It doesn’t really matter much what you do, because everything that most deeply matters to you is already fulfilled by you simply being pure you, and it’s your own real and deep beingness that is the source of your happiness. Then, in anything that you do on the surface of your life you’ll thrive, and that thriving won’t make you happier because deep within you already have it all.

Your real purpose in being born, in having a body, in being in this life, is for you to manifest your being within all of the levels of form that you’re already familiar with. 

If you fulfill a sense of purpose that you have in your self throughout your whole life, at the end of your life, when you’re on your deathbed you’ll look back and you’ll wonder: “what did all that really mean, anyway?” You’ll look back and you’ll wonder if you haven’t just missed it all.

It isn’t what you do with your life. It’s a little deeper than that: it’s what you do with your heart in all of your life … and that’s just the doorway. 

Once you’re through that door, then it’s you manifesting the reaches of your own being into all of your life.




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