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Love: Your Real Beingness

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When: November 2, 2018
Evening Meeting

Q: What happens after death to the being?

John: After you’ve died, you will purely be what you really are.

Q: Why is it important to pursue it in this lifetime?

John: The whole point of being born and being here is for you to be what you are after you’ve died, while you live.

Q: But what is really there? After you die you become what you really are, you realize what you really are, but what is it?

John: Levels and levels and levels of you being love. After you’ve died, when you meet someone, as soon as you meet, you know everything. As soon as you meet, you directly know everything about each other. Everything shows: your whole past shows, what you were in this life all shows. There isn’t anything that’s concealed and as you meet, you fully, as love, commune.

Q: Why is it the only thing which is true?

John: Love is your real beingness. Love is movement of you. It’s how you really move. It’s very different from how you move in your self. In your self you move as thought and feeling, will and emotion, but what you really are moves as love.

What you really are moves as the intimacy of love.

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