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What Remains After We Die?

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When: February 10, 2018
Morning Meeting
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Q: You once said that we meet here on earth, and after we die we will meet again. What does that mean?

John: When you meet anyone, as soon as there is the slightest little touch of meaning in the meeting there is a movement of being within that touch. The movement of being, as it registers in your self and in your person, easily gives you a sense of recognition that there’s someone else who’s really there, a recognition of meaning.

With any tiniest little movement of being that does register in our selves – when you’re in nature, when you’re with someone, or even just quickly meeting someone – there is a bond of being, a form of being that connects the two of you. That tiniest little bit of connection is permanent. It all forms together in a deeper level of your self.

It’s what makes you smile when you see someone, inasmuch as smiling isn’t reduced to being a performance, a work or a personality condition. But where there’s any little touch of realness in the smile it’s because of all the touches of being that have formed in your self. That’s what makes you smile.

Smiling is really a manifestation of being in your self. It’s a presence and a form of being that moves your self and your personality. It’s a manifestation of the connectivity of being. Any little touch of that connectivity is permanent. It remains a part of what you really are. Every little point of connectivity stays in you. It’s a part of what is real in you.

When you die all of that remains. Everything that is real remains. After you’ve died, you won’t be limited in how you experienced limitation here in meeting others. You won’t be limited by a lack of development in your self or in your personality. Your capacity to communicate won’t be restricted by anything that you’re familiar with in your self or your personality.

Your capacity to communicate is all to do with your being. Everything in your being, where there is awareness, is based on knowing. All real communication is based on knowing and being, expressed through the forms of your self. It’s those forms that we relate to when we communicate, but the meaning of the communication is all based on knowing and being.

After we’ve died, everything is knowing and being.

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