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Gentled And Quieted In The Midst Of Fears And Addictions

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When: October 6, 2021
Morning Meeting

Q: I’ve been listening to you for a while now, but still have problems with fears coming up and old patterns from a bad kundalini experience. I’d like help with that, if possible.

John: Just like being gentled and quieted within, regardless of all else.

Q: Would you talk about bonds, especially my bond with you?

John: The bond, our bond, is our connectivity on levels deeper than your self and your life.

Q: I would also like to ask you about addictions. I have a strong addiction to marijuana, and it seems that at some stage it takes over. It’s very unconscious. I wonder why I feel powerless about it. Can you help with that?

John: Concerning the deep, address none of your addictions. Instead of looking for any kind of change, settle into a deep level of direct knowledge, a level of knowledge that isn’t cognitively generated. It doesn’t come from your self. Subtly come into that in the midst of your addictions. The addictions don’t prevent you. Getting rid of your addictions won’t bring you into the deep. It won’t help you; it’ll just change your experience. 

Q: Little by little, I’m able to be more quiet inside but it’s not always easy. As soon as a feeling comes up, some part of me wants to analyze it, give it nice spiritual language to make it feel better. It’ll take time, but I want to know I’m going in the right direction.

John: Believe the deep, within, regardless of anything that you’re experiencing. Instead of addressing your experiences, in the midst of any of your experiences let the deep, within, address you. That means that you live gently listening, regardless of anything that’s occurring on the surface or in your self. Without changing anything, quietly settle into a depth of listening within, listening to something within that is other than anything that you’re familiar with. 

Q: I try to be gently centred in my heart regardless of anything, but I still get distracted. What can I do to connect with your energy, even though I’m so far away?

John: Despite the distance, which is only a surface level, like “connect.” 

Q: Okay. I know this is a bit childish and silly, but I don’t want to bother anyone. It’s as if I’m not worth it.

John: Please bother me.

Q: Thank you. You are a huge, good, positive influence for a lot of people. I’ve heard people talk about entities, too, which scared me for a while. Are they the opposite, or doesn’t it matter?

John: It doesn’t matter. 

Q: Okay.

John: All there is is the real and the true that you know, that you’re responding to. Trust your sincerity. It’s quietening. Lean into it and move in it.

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