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Finding The Goodness In Grief And Loss

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When: April 17, 2010
Afternoon Meeting
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Q: There has been a lot of loss in my life the last three years. My heart wants to open but I’m feeling intensely a lot of grief and often fear. Is it just feeling it or trying to make it better?

John: You’ve been trying to make it better and all the while deeper help, unrecognized as that, keeps coming. Your losses keep bringing up the deep in you so, in that way, help keeps coming as to why you are really here in this world. Without such help you would be, in your self, overriding your own deeper interior. Life would just become about your self; it would become about a little self. A little self doesn’t at all relate to that which a bigger self does relate to.

Everything that doesn’t work for your little self helps you out of it. Even in fighting so much help you still become acquainted with the ‘more’, within. You are still getting to know more even if you’re not being it.

Q: Is that the help that feeds my spirit?

John: Yes, including the ways that are unrecognized. The more profoundly honest you are and quieted in your heart, the more you see it and, right there, there is no lack. In being surrendered to the meaning of that, you’ll have a bigger self than the littler one before. You’ll come to love what you know is big of you.  

Find the nurture in any little bit of actual heart-understanding you have, and that which you really are, deep within, will thrive.

What doesn’t feel good doesn’t change or remove that which is good.

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