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The End Of Addictive Behaviour

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When: February 1, 2015
Evening Meeting

Q: I’ve hungered for my true home my entire life. It didn’t exist anywhere in the outer world, and I couldn’t find it within myself either. I’ve struggled to fill this vast emptiness, but nothing does. I’d like your help to remove the crutch that this lifelong pattern is for me. I want to dissolve the way I’m hooked to it.

John: You don’t need to dissolve it. For what you really are, the hooks are of no consequence. To dissolve them makes them of consequence. The hooks have nothing to do with what you really are. They don’t separate you. For you to be what you really are, separation doesn’t even separate you. 

Put your being in forms of separation, and if you’re being what you really are, your being flourishes. Put your being in hell, and if you’re being what you really are, you and your own being flourish.

Q: I don’t see how that can be so when I’m engaging in addictive behaviour.

John: Instead of ceasing the addictive behaviour, instead of modifying anything, as awareness fully respond to all you know. It doesn’t matter your circumstance or your environment. Be in direct response as awareness to what you know. If you need to address anything first, then it is need that you are. You are welcome to be absolutely at rest in what you know. There isn’t anything that needs to be done first. 

Q: The part of me that wants to fix it has a really tight hold on me.

John: You make it hold you. It is your doing. The hold on you is your doing. 

When you lie down to go to sleep, all of that passes away as you fall asleep. You don’t need your self, your past and your patterns when you lie down to go to sleep. When you go to sleep, you enter a little bit of grace and each time that invites you, when you wake up, to remain in that, to be what that is in your day. It prepares you each time for your day. 

You know how to be without your self, your person, your day, your past, your patterns, and you’re able to be that in the midst of all of that … first without it all and then in it all. 

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