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The Power Of Words And Speaking

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When: October 29, 2012
Afternoon Open Mic
Where: ,

Q: Right after that last meeting I felt as if a little door opened in me. It had to do with what you said about experience being a messenger. Openness and softness took on new meaning. My body started opening and there was more movement, within. What disturbs me is that using words and talking about it seems to disconnect me from you.

John: Words belong to what connects us.

Q: As soon as you spoke those words I felt connected again. It’s as if I haven’t learned to connect from that depth when I speak.

John: Then in having realized, you’ll love learning, and with each word you speak you lose something old of your self. Then for you to speak is for you to change.

Q: I love what you're saying.

John: As you open to the much deeper levels within, those deeper levels of your body open and those levels of your sexuality open, and your words have beingness.

You commune even through words … and speaking changes you.

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Q: Yesterday I heard you say that being alive in this body is the biggest opportunity to grow in awareness. I’d like to know what would be helpful for me in growing in awareness. John: By you letting your evolution as awareness matter more than everything that you have:
Q: John, are we all one? John: Yes. But that’s very different from all of us really being there. On a deeper level within, yes, we are all one but if we live being separate from what our being is, we will all be separate: separate from our beings,

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