Autumn Seminar at Midnight Sky, October 6 – 10 Take Part

Topic: Consciousness & Awareness

What is the purpose of the will? Is anger ever justified? Multiple participants engage in this illuminating dialogue about personal will and the potential for true being that exists in no longer needing to have ‘your way’.

Q: Does our genetic conditioning strongly influence our life and behaviour? Can you say more about it? John: Where you’re not in your heart, absolutely. Where you are unconditionally in your heart, at any personal expense, no. Q: Is openness of heart easier or…
Q: Hi, John. It’s good to finally meet you. My question is how do you deal with damage that was done because you were vulnerable, you weren’t expecting it and you were wide open? Maybe when you were younger. John: By most delicately receiving…
Q: I’ve hungered for my true home my entire life. It didn’t exist anywhere in the outer world, and I couldn’t find it within myself either. I’ve struggled to fill this vast emptiness, but nothing does. I’d like your help to remove the crutch…



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