May Long Weekend at Midnight Sky – May 21-23, 2022  Take Part

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John shows us how the simplicity of an open and soft heart can move through the tribulations of this life, immeasurably affecting our evolution and the evolution of what is beyond this existence.

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Uncover the mystery of your deepest purpose in life in one-on-one dialogues with John in the next interactive Zoom live stream.

May Long Weekend at Midnight Sky

May 21 - 23, 2022

This May long weekend join us for three days of camping, conversation and connection.


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Saroja R.

“When I met John in Tiruvannamalai what surprised me was his availability and how generous and graceful he remains throughout 4 meetings a day. But what has touched me the most was and is, his gentleness, compassion and love that are so tangible in his presence. For me, his message of openness and softenness and purity of heart is a gentle and easy invitation to remain ever connected to what is known deep inside.”


Shira F.

Swim Coach

“What brought me to John was looking for meaning and a little bit of peace in my life. I first met John in Tel Aviv and found it very inspiring to be in the presence of such high beingness. I was touched by his kindness and graciousness towards everyone. Others tell me I’ve changed, and I feel that I have an inner wisdom that continues to grow, enabling me to be relaxed in who I am and giving me a sense of peace with all that happens in life.”


Howard A.

Investment Manager

“Since meeting John, my orientation has shifted from seeking meaning in experiences and information to finding meaning in what I honestly know the truth of and trusting that. I’m able to come from and open as relaxed awareness which has changed the way I interact with people. John is a cosmic tuning fork that, if you let yourself open, will align you with deep meaning that will fundamentally awaken you to the Truth that you are more than your accustomed self.”

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