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John de Ruiter Podcast 488

Moving Past the Blocks in Your Self

November 16, 2014 @ 2:00pm

How can you release unconscious blockages in order to move freely in life? There is a way and it has nothing to do with understanding.

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488 – Moving Past the Blocks in Your Self

How can you release unconscious blockages in order to move freely in life? There is a way and it has nothing to do with understanding.

487 – A Gentled, Quieted Heart: The Answer to Your Longing Within

A constant sense of being in a fight with life and in his relationship is explored in this conversation. What’s missing, and how can it be found?

486 – Freedom of Will: From ‘Your Way’ to ‘The Way’

What is the purpose of the will? Is anger ever justified? Multiple participants engage in this illuminating dialogue about personal will and the potential for true being that exists in no longer needing to have ‘your way’.

485 – Real Community: A Location of Oneness

How is a community formed if it’s not moved by intention? A question about love opens a conversation about the oneness at the heart of real community.

484 – Your Real, Deeper Happiness

Have you ever felt the victim of a broken agreement? John explains the difference between the hurt that comes with broken trust, and the emotional reactivity in becoming a victim. He exposes the core belief that lies beneath and keeps us dependent on others for our own happiness.

483 – Embodying Your Awakening: The Truth Within, Made Flesh

This conversation highlights the difference between awakening and full embodiment: the first is easily come by, but the second is rare and requires an unusual depth of character.

482 – A Life Support Dilemma: Clarity Moved by Love

A delicate and complex issue is opened up that goes to the heart of a family dilemma: is it right to prolong the life of a parent who doesn’t always want to live? Who decides? John and the questioner deeply consider every angle together in search of real clarity.

481 – From a Spiritual Practice to a Living Mantra

Meditation, spiritual traditions, mantras … do they really work? As John explains, there is a living mantra, but you won’t hear it in words.

480 – Into the Heart of Meaning: Digging Out Your Inner Well

A glimpse of a place inside that he knew as a child brings this person to a threshold he wants to cross. John explains what it takes to enter our deepest interior, the wholeness of what we really are.

479 – You: A Being

A lively dialogue full of questions and answers, wrestling with the fundamental questions of what we are, why we’re here, and how it’s possible to be a pure being in a physical body.

478 – Together in Dearness, Simple and Pure

What does it mean to be in a real relationship, expressing a pure sexuality? John describes what comes first for unseen levels of love to be made physical.

477 – What is the Calling?

“It’s like letting in the most powerful truth virus.” John explains what he means when he speaks of the calling, and what matters most in responding to its subtle, electromagnetic draw.

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