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John de Ruiter Podcast 568

John de Ruiter Podcast 568

A Map of Meaning

When: January 7, 2006 @ 2:00pm
Where: ,
John explains the power of one touch of resonance to take us beyond the confines of our person, into the potential that encompasses us: our return to being meaning.
“There is always an unexpected resonance that touches you, even as a person, directing you to be rested within, because you know within such resonance that there is more to you.”
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Podcast Transcript

A Map of Meaning

Q: You said to somebody “You’re a self who knows, not a knower with a self.” And so I see that I’m that too. I don’t really know what my self is. I know what my person is but I haven’t really grasped what my self is.

John: If you are a person that has a self, while that is backwards, it isn’t bad. It is something to realize, recognize, and heal in your self. Your person comprises what you do with your self on a personality level. It is what you do with your self on a personality level that you are most accustomed to being. Your troubles arise from you being something that is so incorrect. You’re a person that is so acquainted with her self. The person is the form of the self. It is to be the self that both determines and governs the person. As a person, when you are consciously aware of your self, you are trying to determine that self, and you’re trying as a person to govern that self. The person cannot govern what is greater than it. 

While you are in your experience mostly a person, you have as that a real connection to something a little bit deeper than your person. The little bit deeper part within your person is your self. In you realizing that, such recognition has an effect on you. It has you easily relating to something deeper within your person that is no longer exactly your person. As you relate to that, you become a little more deeply rested within. The restedness is because of you knowing something more substantial within than your knowledge of your person. It is from within that restedness within that you are able to determine and govern your person. 

For you to be able to do so, you need to be drawing from greater resources within your self than the self that you are rested in. This has you knowing that there is something deeper in your self, knowing that in being what is deeper you’re able, from within that, to determine and govern your self. With such realization it is most real to you that your person is no longer in the forefront of importance, that there is something much more substantially important than your person. It is that that the reality of your person is dependent on. It is dependent on your self. 

Your self is dependent on what you are being that is deeper than that. Your self is the form of your beingness. Your self enables you to directly experience what you have been and what you are being. The being that you are within your self has much subtler form than your self. Your being is your form that you have as awareness in your relationship with what you know. Your being is the form of what manner of knower you are. It is the knower that governs the being. As the knower, it is whatever you as awareness determine, concerning beingness, of what you know that you will then be. 

As awareness, the knower is determined and governed by meaning. When you are as awareness not first being a person that has a self, not being a self that has a being, not being a being that has knowing, and not being a knower that has meaning, but being meaning, awareness that is first meaning naturally knows without having to feel. Such meaning that knows without having to feel naturally moves. Its movement is the beingness and the form of such meaning that knows. 

With such movement, there is, as a being, feeling. Such feeling moves. As it moves, it sees. It sees because it knows the meaning that it feels. You as awareness sustaining such meaning that has such natural and lovely form determines the kind of self that is such a reflection of that; a self that can do, with such full-of-meaning seeing. It is able to think. All such wonder is able to move through what you discover as being your personality. Such wonder determines and governs the use of your person. It is that that is then a wondrous person.

How deeply does your awareness go? And where do you stop your awareness? Where do you stop the awareness to suit its following form? As awareness that has a person, do you stop your awareness from seeing your self, because that suits the kind of person you’re accustomed to being? For you to see your self within your person, your person loses the credence that you’ve been giving it. There is a transference of value that occurs. The value moves more deeply. It is from there that you then come, which then already changes your person. Your person will be lighter in its movement. The person is no longer everything. It’s no longer holding all the value. There is now the value within your self that knows the value of governing its person. 

It quickly realizes that there’s a greater pull within, and that’s the knowing that there is something deeper than itself that the self needs in order to govern the person, and it is that reality within that then governs the self. The restedness becomes a deeper and a lovelier quality as it surrenders to realize more deeply what it knows it is. There isn’t an end to such realization, even when you are coming from what you first are, even when as awareness you are being meaning. This meaning that follows through, undulating as awareness through successive forms, gaining experience in what it knows it is, slowly begins to recognize and know that within all of that, that there is a most subtle recognition of something that precedes being such meaning. It has a purpose within all that it knows it’s responsible for.

What precedes such meaning is that there is the knowing of purpose to such meaning. With that, as awareness, you begin to know that there is a much greater context to all that it has been so far. The resonance of that greater context forms a calling. It forms most profound vision that doesn’t originate from the meaning that it first is, and it is vision that doesn’t originate from any of its successive forms. Awareness being meaning, sustaining being meaning within all such form, enables it to realize both ability and responsibility that exceeds all that it has realized and been so far. All of that is recognized then as being a lovely preparation for that having a next that comes from what precedes awareness being meaning. There is a resonance to that; that if there is any amount of realization within, that this resonance is sure.

With any amount of realization, there is a resonance that precedes awareness being meaning. This resonance involves the recognition of an evolution that does exceed in importance personal evolution, and yet includes it. Such resonance adds to the awareness that is being meaning, through all of its forms. It adds a sense of purpose, that while that purpose may not be understood, it is a sense of knowing purpose that does very subtly encompass everything. You as awareness being meaning that has realized such resonance is able then as it is being meaning within form, to slowly integrate that resonance, enabling it to encompass what it is as meaning encompassed by. It begins to know, with form, an exceedingly greater next that it knows it is just at the beginning of.

With all such awareness, how unfair is it to you, to all of this that is even just the beginning of what you are, for you to be confined as awareness to being a person? Your ignorance of all of this in you, and more, doesn’t excuse you in not realizing it. It doesn’t absolve you of your responsibility of it. There is always an unexpected resonance that touches you, even as a person, directing you to be rested within, because you know within such resonance that there is more to you. Your potential as awareness lies within your return to meaning that, as it follows through in form, knows that all of that is for the much to be realized that precedes such meaning. The value of everything, including your person, is determined by what you are being of what you are realizing that precedes it.

Now you have a map of meaning that helps you, as awareness, in your return to being meaning. 

Q: Thank you John.

John: What is occurring here is meaning, which isn’t for what appears here. It isn’t for form

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