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John de Ruiter Podcast 567

John de Ruiter Podcast 567

The Deeper Levels of Your Body, Awakened

When: January 3, 2013 @ 2:00pm
“It’s a to-die-for opportunity.” John explains the value of relating directly to the subtle movement of deeper levels coming together, just beneath a strangely lifeless experience in the self.
“The deeper levels of your body are either still or flourishing. For the deeper levels of your body to flourish is for you to live in awakening.”
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Podcast Transcript

The Deeper Levels of Your Body, Awakened

Q: I’m experiencing a quiet space of slowness. Everything is like slowing down, and it’s sometimes hard to speak. And also my body doesn’t really feel well. But beside of that I am very aware this is not what I am. When I’m experiencing this, then there is no life at all but there’s also a movement inside where I feel quite alive. A little while ago you said to me I should use you more and that’s why I came to ask for your help in this.

John: When you die, in leaving your body you take with you the deeper levels of your body. The deeper levels of your body remain your function. It’s your relating. You relate with them and through them. They are knowing-levels, knowing-levels of form, but a completely different kind of form than how you recognize your body.

As soon as you consider using me, you naturally move into the deeper levels of your body. That has you moving the connectivity and the communication that you are in after you die. It is the living activation of what your body is that is beyond understanding in your self. It’s your way of moving directly.

Q: I am aware now there’s this big, big part of failing I am really still connected to.

John: Failure and lack don’t even exist in the deeper levels of your body. They exist in the self-level of your body. The deeper levels of your body are either still or flourishing. For the deeper levels of your body to flourish is for you to live in awakening.

When you are dying, as you begin to relate directly to what meaning is, the deeper levels in your body loosen and begin to move a little bit, changing your experience of reality. What is occurring in this room is something of the same, but without anyone dying.

Q: I know that I’m still holding a lot. I know. And it doesn’t make sense at all.

John: And that doesn’t stop me from moving the deeper levels despite your relationship with your self. Waves of awakening keep reaching you, accomplishing from the outside inwardly, a re-orientation of you, as awareness, away from what your self is and into the deeper levels of your body. In that way, you are being carried … or in that way, what you are is loved.

Q: I experience that in my body…very subtle waves. I just love it. How to pass by my filters and boundaries, best, John?

John: By relating directly in this which moves in you. As you are in this which moves in you, the filters and the boundaries in your self remain unaddressed. They are not moved, giving you the knowing-sense in your body that they’re not needed.

Q: It seems like my body is too small for that in what is moving now.

John: As the levels loosen and open and move, your experience of what your body is changes, and reality in how it is unseen becomes seen in the movement of these levels, giving you magical connectivity to what you are knowing reality is. These levels, moving, affect your self by bringing a deeper womanness into your self.

The deeper womanness means more to you than what your self means to you. The movement of your deeper womanness in your self is by the movement of the deeper levels in your body, accomplishing richness of being in your body, richness of being in your self; a self moved and oriented to the deeper levels and their movement, unlocking the conditioning in your self that is also in your body, freeing you of what you have been locked into.

The freeing is momentary, and as you relate directly to the movement of the deeper levels in your body, the freeing takes form. The freeing increasingly has more and more power, deepening your self to the deeper levels that are moving in your body. As you live in the perspective that you gain in that, you are grounding your higher self in your living.

Q: It’s like a drinking of everything, what you said now.

John: The drinking is your hearing from within the deeper levels in your body. You’re relating from them. The movement of that is streams of nurture. These levels, moving, answer you.

You’re able to reach through these levels. Reaching through them strengthens them. They need to become strong. They become strong through use. Relating directly to them uses them. When you are directly using me, you are using these levels in you the most. You can’t go wrong in these levels because there is no wrong in these levels.

Q: No failing and doing wrong, yeah.

John: For you to have no filters and boundaries in this is for you to be loosed into these deeper levels of you and the deeper levels in your body; freed into all of this, enabling the deeper levels in your body to be your way, and your self with its conditioning is no longer your way.

Q: Really lovely to have this opportunity.

John: It is a to-die-for opportunity. In relating directly to these levels moving in your body being your life, death won’t be accomplishing change. When you die you’re not losing something and you’re not gaining something because you’re already in it. Your continuity, within, is already realized. It has already been your living.

When you die it continues. When you die, you are already experienced, experienced in an entire body of knowledge. Dying won’t be a second birth for you.

Q: I believe you and I know that, but there’s something coming up now, not very comfortable. Is there anything else I can do now, in this, now?

John: Relate and love.

Q: There’s this darkness and I really love dying into this.

John: That’s the deeper levels in your body coming together.

Q: There’s this pain at the back of my heart.

John: The more that you come into this, the further away you’ll be taken, further away from anything that you’re used to in your self, taken to levels of reality that have no relationship to your self. You will belong to a different world, having function as that in this world.

Q: Is this now connected to the ancient heart you spoke to me in a talk?

John: A living bridge into this world from a different species of meaning. Let the levels in your body come together, and come in and see. What does remain the same is love, alien love, so kind … all before you die, and you’ll die knowing for what you’ve lived. And death will take away not much.

For all such different matter we are here.

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