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John de Ruiter Podcast 570

John de Ruiter Podcast 570

Purity of Heart and the Awakening of Your Brain

When: July 4, 2017 @ 2:00pm
This conversation reveals how the new brain awakens and the future self becomes present, but it’s only purity of heart that engages the quantum mechanics of transformation.
“The new awakening and function of your brain is completely dependent on you being knowing in your life.”
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Podcast Transcript

Purity of Heart and the Awakening of Your Brain

Q: I had the intimation that this seminar would be securing my brain for what I am as awareness, so that it would be me that’s here, in the more of my life. The last time I was with you, we were drilling down into the deep, and I’ve been wondering what am I drilling through? You referred to that as travel ways. I’m travelling through something, deeper and deeper and as I’m in that, then the formal dissolves and what’s informal has more form. I’ve also experienced when I’ve been in that, that my body disappears and what’s left of my body are just those points you referred to as application points, and those points feel like they’re being reengineered. Is there anything you could say about these travel ways, what they’re travelling through?

John: Travelling through your being, and there’s also another kind of through and that is your subconsciousness. Everything that you move into and through of your being is going to affect your self, which includes everything about your self that you don’t know of yet – your subconscious self.

Anything that you move into and through that is deeper than your self awakens and activates your self. What you move through has a corresponding placement in your self. The more you travel, the more that your self-field awakens and opens.

Q: I have noticed a corresponding movement up and through my body, up into my brain on occasion. Would that be registering in the self, part of the registration in the self?

John: In your self as being new. It makes your future self current.

Q: Am I necessarily going to be aware of what’s happening in my self? I’m much more aware of the travel ways and this pull that’s drawing me down. There seems a lot more form to that than what I’ve been registering in my self.

John: It does open up the resonance of the self-field beyond anything that you’ve been familiar with in your self. On a resonance level, there is a sense-making that moves in your self as you’re moving about in the deep.

As you move in the deep, your self in its essence isn’t separate. Much of what you register through the travels in the deep is a mirroring in your self – the essence of your self, mirroring meaning. In that way, as you move into the beyond, it isn’t disconnected from the beyond of your self. It’s far from being realized or actualized, but it is activated.

Q: That sounds like such a different self than the self that I’m familiar with. That’s a future self that I can bring into the now, by recognizing the resonance of it?

John: Yes.

Q: By first following the travel ways and listening for the resonance.

John: It all registers. You don’t need to listen for it because it is all coming together. The real listening belongs to knowing. Everything else follows.

Q: My deepest knowing is to be following that, following the deep where it’s most active.

John: And letting that mark your self without any interference in your self of what that may mean. Instead of it registering as something that in your self you might need to protect or oversee, that registers as permission given there also, that knowing through your being may fully control. That in your self, none of the markings become of interest.

Q: So a little bit like collecting markings without having to do anything with them.

John: All the markings then represent your yes on real ground, in your self, that your being is free to have. As soon as it becomes of interest to your self, the yes is turned into a conditional yes, a maybe. In that way, knowing is installed everywhere in your self and then made to diminish.

When you move in your being, or beyond, there are also tracers in your self as to what that movement is going to mean in your future if you were to be and remain as one. As you travel, your future becomes manifest as a resonance. Your self, as you travel in what is deeper, becomes impregnated with streams of its future. As you return to your self and you move about in your life, you can reverse all of that.

As you are moving about in your life, there will be a different resonance of knowledge that has the tiniest bit of presence. That presence brings into your self touches of new vulnerability as you are in your life, and where there is the slightest no to that vulnerability, you undo what was brought in, into your self, from your travels.

When you are moving about in your life and your deepest listening is to what you quietly know within, you register these tracers of your future self present in your life, and without having any understanding you’ll be saying yes to them as they touch upon the vulnerability in your self, which is an ever-so-slight form-giving to those tracers. It’s like a follow-through of commitment that started in your travels and carries through in your living – not understood, not comprehended by anything that you’re familiar with in your self, but definitely added-to.

Q: It sounds so fine and subtle, but amazing. And these tracers,.on what level are they identifiable?

John: They’re not identifiable. Purity of heart fulfills them without any sense of them, and separation, when you’re being it out into your life, is cancelling all of it as you move. There is no experience of either one, but after you have died it all shows.

Q: it sounds essential to be in that state of presence to be able to follow-through with these touches, these subtleties and fine knowings.

John: Yes.

Q: So also it’s dependent on the evolution of my brain or the brain.

John: The new awakening and function of your brain is completely dependent on you being knowing in your life. As you travel the deep, your brain is being seeded. As you move about in your life not being what you know, you cancel all of that seeding in your brain.

Purity of heart moving about in the midst of anything in life secures all of the seeding in your brain, in your future self, here. Purity of heart secures all of it without any awareness of it. Nothing else secures it. Purity of heart has its own comprehensive application of intelligence that nothing else can replace.

Your brain can be so seeded in an awakening, and in short order all cancelled just by what you’re being in your self in your life, and it is so good that you won’t come into a new brain just because of your awakenings, just because of your travellings; that coming into the new brain is really because of what you are being in your life.

Q: It’s just struck me how simple that is. There are so many signs when there’s any kind of a disconnect.

John: With purity of heart, all of the seeding that you can’t register in your self is a promise in you, in your form, of what’s coming. It’s a guarantee of what’s coming. Self-orientation, moving about in its life, with every step and move is wiping out all of that guarantee.

Purity of heart is a being-orientation, not one that is mindful. It isn’t dependent on any experience or any understanding. The being orientation doesn’t even need to register. It doesn’t need to be seen. If it’s real, it’s living. It is what waters all of the seeding. Believing that you have that is part of what cancels it. It doesn’t require a belief. It’s inherent to you being what you really are.

Q: So just a moving with knowing when there’s the tiniest indicator, and that’s it. That’s the flow of moving as knowing.

John: Yes, and where you’re quieted in your self it also registers as the most beautiful ever-so-subtle brokenness. That brokenness is you, awareness, giving way to what you know in the midst of form that isn’t like your being yet, so everywhere you move in your self, that brokenness is taking place. What separates from that is any kind of polarization. What separates from that ever-so-subtle brokenness everywhere you move in your self is you, in your self, being right or wrong.

Seeds of reality awakened grow by that most subtle brokenness. It’s the energy around those seeds of giving way, giving way to the resonance of what matters more. What moves that most subtle brokenness in your self, as you live, is purity of heart.

It is purity of heart that engages the quantum mechanics of transformation in your self. It engages your future self in the present, but by the time that registers in your self, it is because it is already well-rooted, well-grown. By the time that it registers, it has already been long paid for.

The flow of that brokenness is the deep, quiet tone of humility in your self, the beauty of all of your weakness. It’s what makes any confidence in your self clean. It’s what lets the power that is there in your self, even though it is unintegrated, clean. It awakens all of the powers in your self to have heart for weakness: essence of compassion, far before it reaches the personal and the interpersonal.

Q: Like a transmutation of power.

John: Yes. Far before it registers experientially.

Q: Real power able to move as meaning, meaning moving.

John: That at that level only purity of heart moves. It moves it inherently without any movement of thought or feeling, will or emotion. It’s what moves it through your self even while you sleep.

Without purity of heart there is no real future.

Q: Could you say more about moving as purity of heart and being-orientation?

John: It’s you moving as your being unwittingly, without the sense in your self that you are. It’s awareness, one with knowing. It needs no support of experience.

Q: There’s a precision in that that brings it into the practical.

John: Purity of heart is what makes direct knowledge matter in your self.

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