The Evolution Of The Species: What’s Next?

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When: April 18, 2015
Afternoon Meeting
Where: ,

Q: My question is about the evolution of the species in this material world and how this is connected to your teaching. What is next?

John: The evolution of the species isn’t next. You’re next: your shift of orientation as awareness, from within the deepest you’ve awakened to, and then followed-through practically in ways that reconfigure your self and your life. 

Through that application you evolve, as awareness, and from within that your self develops. It grows into and develops through all of the levels of yours. Your self becomes a manifestation of your own being.

As you shift and become, others will follow … and there begins a wave of the evolution of the species.

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Q: John, are we all one? John: Yes. But that’s very different from all of us really being there. On a deeper level within, yes, we are all one but if we live being separate from what our being is, we will all be separate: separate from our beings,

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