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Location: Chiemsee

Q: My question is about the evolution of the species in this material world and how this is connected to your teaching. What is next? John: The evolution of the species isn’t next. You’re next: your shift of orientation as awareness, from within the…

A question about the difference between knowing and being opens into a grand, detailed tour of the levels of our being, the relationship between awareness and knowing, the powers of the masculine and feminine, and the magical, transformative nature of the self. Now you know how to be what you were born for.

JdR Audio 268

“The consummate human being doesn’t just come into areas of expertise on the surface. The consummate human being is a whole being free within all of its self, a whole self integrated by a whole being.”

“Dearness is the beingness that you’re one with while you’re together, the part in your relationship that is everything.”



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