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Containment: The Mobility Of Love

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When: January 22, 2016
Evening Open Mic

Q: I feel so coarse in my self. It barely reflects anything of what's in my heart and it's like trying to drive with the emergency brakes on.

John: The essence of containment is that you have need of nothing. That frees you to move as what you know. In that way, containment gives you mobility instead of you giving your mobility to how you experience your self.

When you’re at rest in having need of nothing, you won’t use your self to provide for you. You won’t use your self to add anything to you. Having any kind of a leaky self offers you nothing. When it offers you nothing, your self no longer leaks.

Q: I know it offers me nothing but there’s this crazy following of an old investment that seems to offer something.

John: Then, in the midst of that investment being activated by anything, you are at rest in having need of nothing. The mobility that you’ve given to your patterning is returned to you.

Real containment means that all of the voice and movement that your patterning has had, you have without any use of your self. Voice and movement belong to your most still and quiet heart. What you know the truth of is what has voice and movement.

Love is your mobility.

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