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What Remains With You After Death?

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When: February 20, 2015
Evening Meeting

Q:  Hello John. I listened to one of your CDs in which you said “relate to you after you have died” and it was a big pointer for me. Can we do it now?

John: Relate to what you are after you’ve died, while you live. That’s a different level of knowledge that you’d be relating to than the level of knowledge that you have in your self and in your experience. It is a level of knowledge that you have a resonance of. You’re not going to have, necessarily, a clear understanding of it or an understanding of it.  

The resonance within the statement acquaints you with a different way of being than what you are most familiar with in your self. As you respond to that resonance, your self ceases to have the meaning that you’ve given to your self. 

Do you have a sense of what you will relate to after you have died, or do you have a sense of what you will no longer relate to after you’ve died?

Q: A kind of nothingness with no relationship to objects and to weight.

John: And you are able to be that while you’re in relationship to objects, which changes how you relate to objects. You’ll no longer use an object to give meaning or a sense of meaning to you, and you’ll live that way. 

It’s not a conditioned way of relating. It’s unconditioned. It’s you relating without the use of your past. It’s a relating that is direct; direct to you. You won’t use anything that’s yours or available to you for you to relate directly to what you are, what you really are. 

Q: The body is an object in that relationship, as well.

John: Not every level of your body, but the level of your body that you’re most familiar with, yes. 

The deeper levels of your body move in the same way that your being moves. Those levels of your body stay with you after you’ve died. 

All of your relating that comes from what isn’t integrated of your self passes away when you die.

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