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Untangling The Knots In Relationship

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When: November 21, 2015
Afternoon Open Mic

Q: I often feel attacked by my father. How can I untangle the knot that’s there in relationship with him?

John: Just, sweetly, don’t. Sweetly don’t untangle the knot. When you are so sweetly leaving the whole knot between the two of you alone, you see him and he is seen, despite the knot. 

When he’s seen, he is going to either tighten or loosen. That part is his business, not yours. Either way, you just keep sweetly seeing him and you leave the knot alone.

Q: And I don’t have to protect myself?

John: That’s right.

Q: And it’s like that with everyone?

John: Yes.

Q: I can feel that in relation with my daughter, too.

John: Live this way and you’ve returned to your innocence. Live this way before you die.

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