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Tenderness: Your Living Connection To Goodness

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When: April 17, 2010
Afternoon Meeting
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Q: I’m struggling with separating from the father of my children. There is a big split in me.

John: It’s nothing that tenderness can’t take care of.

Q: We’re stuck in a stalemate. Sometimes there’s a movement from him of reconciliation, and from me there's both a searching for connection and a barrier.

John: Not for tenderness. It’s only your little self that stops you from that. Soften your heart and your little self will grow up. With that, whatever you do will be good.

The relationship isn’t without hope. You haven’t used your finest resources, yet. You haven’t used that which is loveliest, within, yet. You can do it. 

Soften your heart and relate to softness of heart, and you’ll no longer be a little self. You’ll be all woman, and kind. You’ll know what you are for because of coming from it, and your children will understand in their hearts what they are for because you are coming from it. 

This isn’t difficult for you because you know the truth of it. Knowing it means you can be it and being it means that you can do it.

As soon as something offends a pattern of yours then relate to softness of heart like the air that you need to breathe. It’s your living connection to goodness.

Open your heart and it lives. You’ll love being what is big of you.

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