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The Evolution Of Awareness: Integrating Pain And Pleasure

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When: June 7, 2014
Afternoon Meeting
Where: ,

Q: Ten years ago, you said I was on the verge of becoming what I was born to be, and a there was a big change. A shift happened, but I know I held back. A rebelliousness came up, a little childhood thing. It’s so clear to me what you say about honesty towards what I know, yet I still go on doing the same thing.

John: That will be all gone after you’ve died. 

Q: So this is really about dying.

John: And letting live what you know isn’t going to die. 

Q: It’s as easy as that?

John: It’s as simple as that. Living that will bring you into great difficulty and none of it is too much.

Q: I do know that.

John: Living that means that you live growing up, being and doing what you know in your heart consistently, regardless of what that feels like in your self. You being like that in the midst of any part of your self that isn’t like that yet isn’t going to feel good. It just simply is good.

What you know is good has no opposite. Nothing exists on its own outside of goodness. Anything that isn’t goodness, that simply relaxes, returns to goodness. It’s what occurs in you when you die. You perfectly return to what you were able to be all along. 

When awareness does that while in a body, awareness evolves. When awareness doesn’t do that while in a body, the opportunity to evolve while in a body passes away. It is what you are in a body for. It’s contrary only to what you experience in your self. 

The value of awareness evolving while it is in a body exceeds any perceived value of pain relief, regardless of what that experience is. That truth is absolute. It’s equally true in anyone, anywhere. 

The integration of pain and pleasure is in awareness evolving in it. The integration of pain and pleasure is not in what you do with pain or the pleasure; it isn’t even about the pain or the pleasure. What you really are is only all about what you really are in the midst of anything. 

Nothing can distract you from that. No one can distract you from that. Your experiences can’t distract you from that. Your body can’t distract you from that. The only thing that can distract you is if distraction of any kind, painful or pleasurable, serves you. Distraction exists only if illusion serves you. 

Awareness in a body has the power to make real in a body what is not real. What that power comes from is the power that awareness has in a body to make its own being real and physical in its body. Nothing else accomplishes the evolution of awareness in a body. 

You have a body so that you can configure your nervous system to your being, but you’re able to configure your nervous system to anything that you need to be true or wish to be true. You’re able to configure your nervous system to something that isn’t even real; you’re able to configure it to an illusion. Whatever you configure your nervous system to, your self becomes. That works for better or for worse. 

Whatever your nervous system is configured to, it belongs to pure you; it belongs to oneness, whether you give it to that or keep it from that. You have a nervous system so that pure you and oneness can have a nervous system.

Oneness is at home within any nervous system, regardless of what made it what it is.  

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