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Location: Gillingham

Q: I’d like to ask about stress and tension in my daily life, and about relaxation and softening. I get very busy but feel the call towards softening. Listening to your words makes me feel so happy, and that part of me is more…
Q: John, there’s a supposition that therapy is necessary in order to be free from the stories we use to justify our perceptions and our self-identity. It seems as if you’re saying that merely living by the truth, you see you’ve been dishonest, and…

In this dialogue John answers questions about his own awakening, what he saw at age 12, how it continued to unfold, and how we too can give form to what we really are. He explains knowing and awakening to something other than your self, what happens to us when awareness is distorted, and how to easily and naturally come out of that distortion into a true way of being.


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