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How To Be With Stress And Tension

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When: June 8, 2014
Afternoon Open Mic
Where: ,

Q: My question is about the stress and tension I find myself in in daily life, yet my calling is to softness. When I hear you speak, part of me is so happy just listening to your words. That part is more connected to the softness. How can I follow that calling?

John: Without hesitation. Don’t relieve your stress. Relieve your heart by responding to it, even under stress.

Q: How? The stress is very loud and dominant.

John: It’s all bark, and it has no bite. Respond to your heart while stress is barking at you. While it barks, give your listening ear to your heart. Stress is good for you when you’re in your heart. 

Q: What about the tension I feel in my body that’s connected to the stress? How do you suggest I be with that?

John: Don’t feed it by addressing it. While there’s tension in your body, feed what you know in your heart by completely addressing what you know in your heart. 

When you are one with what you know in your heart, you’ll naturally respond to tension by entering it. As you enter it, it opens and its energy converts to be a part of you. Tension transforms into available energy as soon as you enter it, but it needs to be pure you that enters it. The part of you that isn’t pure when you enter tension feeds that tension.  

Relieve your heart instead of the tension by entering your heart completely while there’s tension in your body. 

Q: Thank you.

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