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How To Open Your Heart

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When: June 14, 2016
Evening Open Mic
Where: ,

Q: I need help opening my heart. (Crying) I haven't been able to.

John: Then wherever you go, give it. Giving your heart puts you in your heart. If you seem to not know how to open your heart, give your heart. As soon as you’re giving your heart, your heart matters more to you than all familiarity. With your heart open, the door to your being is open.

Q: I feel like I just hit my head over and over again in the same stupid patterns and I don’t understand why I keep doing that!

John: You live in a world that’s like that.

Q: Can I change that?

John: By giving your heart wherever you are. For that to be effective, give your heart without results.

Q: I’m trying to just be in my heart, to just feel it, stay in it.

John: You don’t need to feel it to give it.

Q: Really?

John: Giving it matters more than feeling it.

Q: Oh, I see! I can be proactive. I’ll try to be more courageous.

John: Not more courageous. Delightfully weaker.

Q: That's nice.

John: You can lose your strength. You can’t lose your weakness.

Q: That feels like falling. It's really uncomfortable.

John: For your strength, but not for your weakness. When you’re on your last hour deathbed you’ll easily let that go. Enjoy your last hour deathbed perspective in your life. You see more clearly.

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