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What Is A Relationship For?

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When: April 30, 2010
Evening Meeting
Where: ,

Q: What is a relationship for? What is its purpose?

John: A relationship is for bringing the deepest knowledge and the deepest levels, within, all the way through into being functional in your self, which is not just the making, then, of a new self, but of a higher level of self; a higher self completely functional in all of the deepest levels, within.

A relationship offers the coming together of every single level, within: two moving in the same, greatly speeding up your own evolution as awareness, greatly speeding up your functionality in that or greatly speeding up the overlooked pitfalls in your self. Greatly speeding up every snag and hook.

A relationship is an accelerant in your own relationship with knowing, for better or for worse.

Q: How for worse?

John: If you are moving in something other than what you know and in a way that is other than what you know, you will more quickly ruin your self. A relationship is a magnifier for better or for worse, depending on what you are being in it, depending on why you are in it, depending on why you are having a self, depending on what you are realizing of what you are and what you are for. 

If you are being real knowledge with another, you’ll have a high-level relationship that is all about functional selves moving from within the deep, functional from within subtleties of being known in each other, and loyal to the truth of that.

Q: So the first thing would be to realize what I really am.

John: Meaning in direct relationship with meaning, and that really in your self, taking your self both deeper and higher; deeper in what it is able to be and higher in what it is able to do… with two.

One being of meaning, functional between two.

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2 Responses

  1. True love in relationship is expressed being to being, no mater who you encounter or the circumstances, .love , being to being and that will be and show as oneness.. the reward of real love. The compassion of love allows us to see with different eyes, eyes that see thru form to being.

  2. Relationship is not about sacrifice, sacrifice creates resentment and animosity, and that creates separation.. Relationship is about wise compromise , that compromise creates oneness. What real relationship is all about…

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