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On Deeper Womanness, Sexuality And The Calling

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When: February 7, 2017
Morning Meeting

Q: I’d like to ask about knowing and how to walk in it. Being in knowing in my old nervous system is making a new spine of straightness in me, and the fluid in the spine is pure womanhood or deeper sexuality. Please show me how to be clean and true in what I know in the midst of the nervous system.

John: Love this direct knowledge that you’ve come into. Love it more than your womanness, which drops you down into a much deeper level of womanness, a womanness that flows with depth and quietude. That level of womanness and the deeper sexuality that’s present in it – levels of sexuality that are all connected to your being, levels of womanness all connected to your being – let them flow and move without any guidance from your nervous system.  It has sweetly no relationship to your past. 

In this deeper womanness that’s informed by direct knowledge, within, you are being the equilibrium of meaning in the midst of any kind of thinking, any kind of feeling. This equilibrium of meaning, as you’re being it and moving in it, opens your nervous system, bringing beingness right into your nervous system. 

This new deep way in you, all made of what you really are, informs your nervous system of reality and the deeper levels of reality, enabling you through your nervous system to feel differently. It gives you most delicate reach into others that isn’t based on their behaviour. It isn’t based on what the other is being. You are able to find in the other what you are being. It doesn’t need to help them. It doesn’t need to change anybody. It’s a kind offering of what they really are to any little bit of openness that’s there. 

These ways of your being, as they move in your deeper womanness, are your life in this world.

Q: Can you speak of the calling?

John: The calling is the resonance that touches directly into what you really are; the resonance of what is greater than reality, the backdrop to reality. That touch of resonance into you offers a level of meaning not at all understood, a level of meaning that is so other-than this world, your self, your life, and also your being, that deeply moves your being. 

One touch of that resonance magnifies your being. It isn’t you awakening to your being, but rather your being awakening to what it belongs to. With that touch of resonance, your being and you moved by your being are a tiny little touch directly transported into what everything belongs to – all of reality, all of its unseen levels and dimensions – and there you know what matters. 

As this touch of resonance awakens your being, you know that there is the beyond. You don’t awaken in that to why you are in this life; what you awaken to is why you have a being and what that does to you in this life.  

Q: What you are now, here, is something more. The beyond is being brought forward. You’re bringing something new. You’re guiding us to that reality that you’re bringing; you’re altering reality. I know that.

John: You know what touches you that is beyond all familiarity in you. You know that that touches you and you know what that does to you. You know what you know and you know what you see.

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