Openness And Softness Of Heart: Your Greatest Power

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When: February 3, 2016
Afternoon Open Mic

Q: I try to live with an open heart and a soft one, but it’s still weak and I know that an open and soft heart isn’t weak. I still search for shelter from the strong, dark or fearful influences of the world. Do you know how I can strengthen the heart and be open and soft at the same time?

John: You relate to strength as something that’s powerful, and it’s not. The strength that you relate to is an unintegrated strength. You can’t integrate your strength and your strengths without integrating your weaknesses, by opening and softening in your weaknesses.

Q: So when I’m overwhelmed by the weakness of the world, then it’s just a mirror of my own weakness?

John: That’s you relating to a weakness through your conditioning. Relate directly to your weakness through openness and softness. What there is then, within, is dearness.

Q: What is dearness?

John: Your greatest power isn’t in how you experience strength. Your greatest power is in your weakest weakness. It is so weak that if you don’t give it power, it has no power. Your weakest weakness is the truth you know in your heart. When you’re being that, you’re empowering it, and it’s only as strong as the power that you give to it. When you empower your weakest weakness – the truth that you know in your heart – all of your weaknesses are put into perspective, and with that all of your strengths are put into perspective. 

When you are being your weakest weakness, when you’re being the truth that you know in your heart, you have no more issues with power. You have no more issues with control. You are awareness at rest, which makes openness and softness your real beingness. 

Openness and softness of heart, there, is indomitable. It cannot be subdued or controlled. It cannot be coerced or bought. It cannot be moved by anything other than what you know the truth of. You being openness and softness of heart is the beginning of you integrating your self, of you integrating what you perceive to be your powers.

When you are at home unconditionally in your weaknesses, you don’t need courage to be what you know in your self and in this world.

Q: Thank you.

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