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Profound Honesty: The Key To Divine Love

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When: October 11, 2002
Afternoon Meeting

Q: I know that I love truth more than anything else, but when I see myself going into dishonesty it feels like if you offered to help me in that moment, I would ask you not to save me from the world, but to save the world from me.  I don’t know how to be unconditionally okay with dishonesty in order to abide in honesty in those moments.

John: That is your actual power. What directs that power is value. Your value determines your direction. Your value determines what it is that you will be, whether that is the real and highest value within or whether that is a lower and misplaced value. The value that you are dwelling in is what you are giving your power to. That makes profound honesty, within, of supreme importance. 

Q: And choosing honesty is who I truly am.

John: Choosing such honesty is you being what integrity is. Integrity isn’t a useful tool; it is a quality of beingness.

Q: If I give you my power to choose, would you give me divine love?

John: No. I would give you back the power to choose. When the power to choose is being right within itself, then there is divine love.  

Divine love is power being true.

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