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No Longer A Victim Of Your Past

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When: September 15, 2016
Afternoon Open Mic
Where: ,

Q: Hi, John. It’s good to finally meet you. My question is how do you deal with damage that was done because you were vulnerable, you weren’t expecting it and you were wide open? Maybe when you were younger.

John: By most delicately receiving injury instead of taking injury. Most delicately receiving offence instead of taking offence. That makes what you really are, one with your being, centre in the midst of whatever it is that’s done to your self. It matters what is done to your self but not nearly as much as what you’re being in it. If you reverse the order you fool your self, and with repetition you’re soon lost.

Your heart matters more than your self, so if you leave your heart just because something is being done to your self that you don’t like, you leave what you really are. No one has a real reason to leave their heart. There isn’t anything that can be done to you that can justify you leaving your heart. 

Leave your heart for the sake of any level of trauma and you become one with that trauma and separate from what you really are.

Q: What if you’re dealing with a larger pattern than your self, larger than you are, personally?

John: There’s much that’s larger than your self, but there isn’t anything that’s more than what you really are.

Q: But there are larger patterns that are not easily dealt with.

John: There’s no pattern in existence that’s more than what you really are. You’re not victim of any pattern. You’re not victim of any past. You’re not victim of what self you have if you’re being the same as your being.

Q: I agree. I’ve found that what you’re saying is absolutely true. There seem to be tentacles that just hold on, an earthly pattern or a larger archetypal thing…

John: Patterns don’t have power on their own, so patterns do not hold on to you. When you empower your patterns by giving them a sense of importance – positively or negatively – you empower the pattern. You create their holding on to you. The experience of the pattern holding on to you is a reflection back to you of what you’re being in that pattern.

If you rely on your sense of a personal self to get close to what you really are, you’re going to need therapy. 

Q: Yeah, I think so!

John: If you rely on what you really are to be what you really are, you’ll need no therapy regardless of what kind of self, patterns or past you have. In time, it all heals.

Q: Thank you.

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