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Deeper-Level Breathing: Is A Practice Necessary?

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When: February 21, 2015
Morning Open Mic

Q: I know there are breathing methods and techniques – ways of inhaling and exhaling – and sometimes also saying certain things. Can you speak about breathing?

John: It’s all naturally fulfilled and you don’t need to follow a system or a practice. When you’re in your personality you breathe differently than when you’re in your self. When you’re in your self you breathe differently than when you’re in your heart. When you’re in your heart you breathe differently than when you’re in your own being. 

When you change your breathing through the use of a technique, for instance from a level that relates to your self to a deeper level that relates to your heart or to your own being, that puts you, through the use of your own body, into the direction of your own being. But if you’re not actually being that, then you’re mimicking: you’re controlling the behaviour of your body to make your body behave how your being would make it behave. So while it puts you in the right direction, you’re using a system that has nothing to do with your own being.

Instead of applying a technique to your breathing, change the level that you’re coming from, and your breathing will change.

Q: Can you explain what breathing is?

John: Your breathing is a manifestation of how your body is being used, and how your awareness is being used. Each affects your breathing. 

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