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Location: Rishikesh

“But that’s not possible!” In this conversation, John shows how inner alignment and love can materialize our unseen deeper levels in physical reality.

Q: You once said that we meet here on earth, and after we die we will meet again. What does that mean? John: When you meet anyone, as soon as there is the slightest little touch of meaning in the meeting there is a…

The experience of new knowing streaming through his body has faded for this person. Does that mean the knowledge is lost? John describes the delicate subtleties we can attune to, and how this depth of openness connects to what makes us truly human.

Q: In your book ‘The Intelligence of Love’ you say enlightenment isn’t everything, purity of heart is. Can you explain that?  John: You can be enlightened and that doesn’t mean that you’ll be all that you’ve awakened to, all that you’ve come into. It…

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