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John de Ruiter Podcast 429

John de Ruiter Podcast 429

Manifesting Your Soul in Your Life

When: February 5, 2018 @ 10:00am
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“I need to know more about my soul.” So begins this finely detailed dialogue with John describing the soul, how it develops, and all that must harmonize to manifest its value in our life and with others.
“Your soul develops by you, awareness, being one with deepest knowing within; being one with what you know, but particularly within your self and within your life while under pressure and in difficulty.”
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Podcast Transcript

Manifesting Your Soul in Your Life

Q: I need to know more about my soul.

John: Your soul is the highest level of form in the unseen that you have. It’s a level of form that precedes your being, and is of greater value than your being. All of the levels of your being are perfect forms of you. Your soul is the level of unseen form that represents your evolution as awareness.

Your soul develops by you, awareness, being one with what you know, one with deepest knowing within; being one with what you know, but particularly within your self and within your life, while under pressure and while in difficulty.

Q: The pressures are difficulties forever, only when we think it’s a pressure. Can I enhance it to everyone as a happiness? Where could I start that?

John: What you most deeply know the truth of, as awareness, and right into your core, as awareness, what you know is to absolutely relax, to be rested, quieted, and nurturingly have need of nothing. That enables you to be awareness, pure. You don’t need any of your forms, seen or unseen. You don’t need the forms of your self and your personality for you to be what you really are as awareness, and you don’t need any of the forms of your being. You don’t even need your soul for you to be awareness, pure. You being that is what develops your soul.

Q: The body is different from the soul, but both are parallel, like rails. So will my soul be able to sustain the force of my body to enhance my ability?

John: By you having self-awareness more than personality-awareness, by you having heart-awareness more than self-awareness, and you having a being-awareness more than heart-awareness. And then, perhaps, perhaps, even having soul-awareness more than being-awareness. That is you, awareness, being what you really are from the innermost outwards: from the innermost out into all of your unseen forms and all of your seen forms, all the way out into all of the practicalities of your life.

That means that you are then living embodying what is eternal, all the way out into your life, that has presence in everything that you’re doing: that it is the presence in your mind. It is that presence that governs your mind, that determines your mind and governs your mind. That makes everything that is yours – all of your forms – belong to what precedes, belong to what is first.

It doesn’t require understanding. It doesn’t require learning. It doesn’t require a practice. It doesn’t require techniques. It doesn’t require a path. It’s intuitive to what you really are. It doesn’t come from your self. It doesn’t come from your mind. It doesn’t come from your body. It does come from your being. But it most especially comes from the core of what you really are, the core of awareness, pure. Its core is meaning – not the meaning of something. It is that which enables you, from your innermost all the way through your being, out into your self and your life, it’s what enables you, awareness, to relate to meaning, the meaning of something. It’s what enables you to relate to meaning in something, to meaning in others. It’s because you are meaning that you relate to meaning.

When you are profoundly at rest within, as awareness, without using any of your forms to be that restedness: that you don’t need to quiet your mind or your body for you, awareness, to be rested; you can be rested awareness in the midst of any kind of conditioned self, any kind of upbringing, any kind of past. You can be rested awareness in the midst of any state of mind, any kind of treatment of life to you and of others to you. There isn’t anything in your self, anything in your past, anything outside of your self that prevents you.

Q: For the soul to reside in the body, the body needs a protection. Is that true?

John: For the wellbeing of your body, yes. But not for the wellbeing of you. Your body requires nurture for your body to live. You don’t need your body for you to be what nurture is. You have need of nothing.

Q: Body needs a soul to live and soul needs a place to live.

John: To be able to live here, yes.

Q: So to synchronize these two, both have to be in harmony.

John: Awareness and direct knowledge. Not mental knowledge: knowledge that is inherent to awareness; awareness and direct knowledge, awareness and meaning, awareness and knowing, awareness being at rest in directly knowing meaning; awareness being nothing – at home in nothing and nobody. The harmony is at the most fundamental level, ultimately before all of your forms. At very least, harmony between you, awareness, and your heart.

Q: I think that if the body and soul are in harmony, that love is to be loved. Is that right?

John: If the harmony is at that depth, you won’t be loving love. You will be love from the deepest within, before love has any kind of face, before love is even a stream, before love is even a movement in your forms. When you love something or someone, then you are love from within your person and your self. When you are love from within your being, there is no love of someone; you are love with another. There you are both one being.

Q: Any other progressions?

John: Oneness, within, moves outwards. It moves outwards because you are in a body. What matters is that oneness lands in your humanness. It’s the ease of your humanness in your self and in your life that enables you to not be separate and to not move as what’s separate.

Your humanness is your most accessible level of connectivity: nurturing connectivity with your self, with others, and with everything outside of your self. Wherever you are not in your humanness, you fool your self, being separate while perhaps thinking that you’re not.

Where you are in your humanness, you really are, nurturingly, not separate. Humanness doesn’t relate to individuality. Humanness relates to connectivity. Humanness relates to the very real sameness in everyone.

Q: Can I take it as a fineness of the soul?

John: As a manifestation of the value of your soul in your self, in your life, with others.

Q: I wish you’ll guide me every moment. Thank you so much.

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