John de Ruiter Podcast 362

John de Ruiter Podcast 362

There’s Nothing To Do But Open

When: February 26, 2019 @ 4:30pm
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Here’s a simple answer to a fundamental question: how to be taken by the truth within? John’s response reveals that there’s nothing to be done but essence-of-baby to be: a return to openness, innocence and purity of heart.
“The way is profoundly simple, delightfully simple, immediate, without any process: you deeply liking opening, unconditionally, at any personal cost.”
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Podcast Transcript

There’s Nothing To Do But Open

Q: You were talking with a man and you were saying something like “when you are taken by truth.” Can you talk about this a bit more?

John: When you are taken by the truth within, your entire self-oriented existence is gone – all gone – and there you are, a being, in your self, in your personality and in your life. You are then a being self instead of a self-oriented, conditioned self.

You can see quite easily the very beginnings of that in little children where they are still in their innocence. Their being so easily radiates in their body, in their face, in their eyes, how they speak. If they fall out of it, they’re so easily right back in.

If they stay out of it, it becomes increasingly difficult because of all of the investments made in that self for reasons of itself, and to be back into that innocence would be a loss of all of those investments.

Q: What can I do to lose the investments, or is there nothing to be done?

John: Nothing to be done. The way is profoundly simple, delightfully simple, immediate, without any process: you deeply liking opening, unconditionally, at any personal cost. You liking opening that much. That’s you.

What you really are is like that. What you really are, present in your self and in your life is there, opening and opening and opening. There isn’t anything that distracts from that. It’s like you being essence of baby within all of your adult faculties. That means that in all of your self you really are clean of your self: purity of heart that has a self.

Purity of heart means that you don’t live taking your self to heart.

you don’t live bringing your self into your heart. Your self isn’t what fills your heart at all, in the midst of your life.

What fills your heart is what you really are. What fills your heart is you, essence of baby – baby-like beingness, not baby-like development – like what you see in a baby when it just looks at you, looks into you, when it smiles into you, or laughs. The essence of all of it is the same: essence of baby beautifully unshielded, unprotected, present in all of your self and in all that you do.

You can’t attain it. You can return to it. You can let that most nurturing essence within you have you, take you, master you and have all of your self, your personality and your life. Then depth, great depth of you really is here.

Without that, there isn’t very much of you at all that is here. The depth of it is covered.

Q: Thank you.

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