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Awakening To Your Deepest Level Of Destiny

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When: November 3, 2013
Afternoon Meeting
Where: ,

Q: I can see clearly essential qualities and essential beings in people. This quality seems to be not an earthly quality. I had the impression maybe there is even more if I go deeper. Can you say more about that?

John: Not deep into the earth; deep into you. As you open to the deeper levels in you, the deeper levels in you open and then the deeper levels in your body open, and eventually the deeper levels in the earth open. This world can’t hold that. For this to occur, this world will change. This world, like a conglomerate self, opens to deeper and deeper levels. With each opening, its form changes, just like it does with you.

What you respond to without the generation of effort, you sustain. The response is the opening. As you open to knowing, everything of yours opens. Your forms become like what you open to. You’re made for this. Reaction closes it. Response opens it. 

This isn’t cosmic in origin. This includes what is cosmic. The deeper that you come from, the more that it includes, until all that it includes is everything – the deepest level of destiny and the highest level of dignity. You’re made for this.

Once awakened to it, you are irreversibly called. In this there are no options, just response: awareness responding to knowing all the way in and all the way out.

This isn’t of this earth. This is of the everything.

Now you know. Now you see. Now you’re called.

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