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Being The Nurture Of Nature

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When: January 26, 2018
Evening Open Mic

Q: I’m moving to a house in the middle of the forest and very close to the sea. It’s like a calling for me. I’m so looking forward to being more connected to the earth and to nature in my daily life.

John: You’re also setting yourself up. You’re setting yourself up to compare: the goodness of nature that you’ll be in, how readily available that is, how it surrounds you and how it nurtures you because it is so there. What you’ll find is that when you are not in nature, it is not so there in your other environments. It’s not so there on the surface in people, so you’ll be quickly drawn to judge what you like and what you don’t like. 

The reason for being in nature is that it helps you see how to be with people, how to be with everything. If you use being in nature as a treat to yourself, you won’t be like nature to your circumstances and to others. 

Be in nature and then find the same in everyone. 

Q: I have a feeling that it’s possible. I will try to be aware.

John: Of nature in everything. 

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Q: I work in organic agriculture. I’m surrounded by people who are afraid of technology, and what things are doing to nature. It can be difficult to stay in that field because I don’t buy all that fear-mongering, but at the same time there is some value to it.

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