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Real Marriage: A Cosmic Love-Team

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When: June 19, 2011
Evening Meeting
Where: ,

Q: You recently said something so beautiful about marriage that I wrote it down: “A communion of real knowledge found with each other, made with each other.” I'd love you to talk about it some more.

John: That’s having every level, within, with which you meet. That naturally comes together between the two of you when you have no more use of a personal floor and no more use of ground in your self that comes from your self. The ground that remains is ground of real knowledge and of being … together.

If the ground is in real knowledge, you will be meeting … meeting in a way that opens your relationship to not being confined to your selves; a relationship that is within meeting … cosmic; meeting on terms wondrous, magical, and greater than your selves. 

Together, with your accordions completely unclipped, you’ll make music that your selves were not capable of. As your forms, through your hearts together, come apart and begin to move, you’ll have unconditioned knowing of each other. In that, know each other. 

With all of the levels together coming apart, be the blood in the other’s body, each being the other’s life … shared life. Each of you completely unclipped and together: a love-team. 

Your two hearts running nakedly together because of meeting … your inner cosmos your only bounds.

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