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The Antidote To Loneliness

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When: March 29, 2015
Afternoon Meeting

Q: I can feel so much loneliness at times, but as much as I want to connect with people I cannot allow them in. I’m afraid they will abandon me.

John: When you’re lonely, you’re not in need of company. When you’re lonely, you are in need of your heart. When you’re lonely, don’t go to anyone: go to your heart. Once you are returned to your heart, you are free to be with anyone. 

Your own heart makes you complete and no one can do that for you. No one’s love for you can do that for you. When you are rested in your heart, you need no love because you are quiet love. Its uneventfulness completes you. Anything of an event, like you being with someone, won’t complete you. 

You know how to come into this. When you lie down to go to sleep, you might at first lie down in your own loneliness but as you relax and your person and your day fade away, your self begins to fade away, your loneliness also fades away. When you are right next to falling asleep, there’s no loneliness because you’ve returned to your heart.

Learn from how you lie down and fall asleep how to live. Notice its goodness, and its goodness naturally comes into your day.

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