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Awakening: Changing The Level Of Your Destiny

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When: March 1, 2014
Afternoon Meeting

Q: I’ve been going to workshops on awareness, and it excited me a lot. Awareness is my utmost interest or priority, and yet it seems to have drifted into a flattened place, so I wonder if I am putting up a defence or I have become lazy.

John: Once you have awakened, you can’t stop. When you awaken, you know within that that awakening matters more than your self. Awakening means more to you than familiarity. As soon as you are comfortable with your awakening, you park your awakening in your self. It makes your awakening interesting instead of awakening being your fundamental response. You are able to not stop awakening. 

Awakening means you know more, within, and as awareness you love being that ‘more.'  The more that you respond, the more you awaken. When you stop awakening, you make your awakening of use to your self. You turn it into a product. 

When you awaken, you realize that this more knowing, within, means more to you than your self. In knowing more, you love being more. Your response to this brings you into your own being. As you don’t stop awakening, you come into the streams of your being. You begin to move as them. You begin to move as intimacy of being. As that, you naturally connect with that in others. You come into real seeing, and you love. 

When you are in awakening, you have no floor and you have no ceiling. You’re no longer limited to your experience. You are more than your experience. Your future is no longer determined by your past; it’s determined by the more that you’re being. 

Awakening changes the level of your destiny. What you are means much more to you than who you are. When you awaken, you come into a little touch of what you are after you’ve died, while you live. 


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