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The Value And Meaning Of Your Career

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When: March 13, 2022
Morning Meeting
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Q: I’ve been engaged in the business world and always felt called upon to use my intellect and leave my truth behind. I concluded I’m not cut out for the corporate world but have just been contracted to lead a similar organization. I have to let them know my decision tomorrow. I feel no excitement, just peaceful.

John: Your career has no inherent value, and that doesn’t make your career wrong or incorrect. All of the value is what you are being in it, so in that way, on the surface, it makes no difference what you choose. The value of choice has nothing to do with what that looks like in the world. Your position in the world, on its own, has no value. Don’t be fooled by how you’re treated in it. Don’t be fooled by any level of esteem that’s given to you. It isn’t real.

Q: I feel exactly what you say. Nothing matters but what I know. There may be expectations, but I’m not fazed by that. I’ll be quiet. All I can do is hibernate and wait to get home! I need a time-out.

John: No time-out. If your home is not fully in your office, your feeling of home when you’re not in your office is fooling you. Then it really is what you are and what you are being in your office, so there’s no need to get away from your office anymore. It’s gone.

Be sure that the role that you’re stepping into – a role in this world, the role given to your self and to your person – offers you nothing. Nothing positive and also nothing negative. 

Q: So I just play the role?

John: You’re fulfilling a role on the surface. All the value, all of the meaning, is what you’re being in it. The value and the meaning have nothing to do with what’s occurring on the surface. It has nothing to do with your self. It is not a burden to you. Not a speck of a burden. And at the same time, there’s no payoff to you. Not a speck. 

Q: So what is the opportunity to be in it?

John: To be the deep within in a context that has nothing to do with the deep within. The world is not real or true. No one is real or true in the world unless they are being the real and the true, and that part has nothing to do with the world. 

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