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What’s The Right Job For Me?

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When: September 9, 2011
Evening Meeting

Q: I’m looking for another job. I want to go my own way and to do what is good for both me and the persons around me, but I don’t have the answer at this moment. Can you help me?

John: Do what seems good to you. Give it your whole heart until, within that, you’re noticing something deeper within, and be more loyal to what you’re noticing that is deeper within than what you have engaged your self in. In that way your heart moves. Your heart needs to move in the midst of that. Even more than that, your heart needs to be given to the littlest bit that you’re noticing, within, that’s deeper. 

If you stay true to that, you’ll find your way. If you don’t stay true to that, then in whatever way you find, you’ll lose your way. The test will be when you have invested yourself in something that you thought was really good. As soon as you notice what you know is deeper within, if you don’t make way for that because of what you’ve already invested of your self, in your misplaced loyalty you’ll lose your way. You’ll fool your self. 

If you begin being profoundly sincere and you remain loyal to that sincerity, even if you happen to go an incorrect way you won’t lose your way.

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