Edmonton Meetings with John, December 3 – 4  Take Part

Location: Amsterdam

A deeper shift within has left this person feeling empty and confused in her life and relationships. John explains why it feels this way and what will support full integration.

How is it that even in connection with others we can feel alone, or even worse: offended and hurt by others’ ways? The desire to belong and be at home within, while meeting with others, is unravelled in this conversation, showing the way forward that also takes us deeper, bringing with it new perspective.

Q: I would like to deepen the connection between me and my child, and be more aware in it. Can you help me to do that? John: Be really seen. Reveal your heart and give your heart without embellishment, so that when you’re giving…
Q: For some time I’ve been feeling that my purpose on earth is to help people heal, not as much physically as spiritually. What inside of me needs to open or develop to be able to do so? John: You’re wanting to help people…

How can we manifest the divine? Before you can ascend, you must descend and remain in the quiet deep. As you sustain this in your life you dissolve the barrier between the conscious and the subconscious, eliminating the polarity of what fundamentally drives you; hope and fear. Existing beyond hope and fear, gently letting go of the neediness in the self, leaves you being everything that you’ve been looking for.

How can we find joy in life? Isn’t that what life is all about? In this dialogue, John explains that when you believe the noise in your self, you’re fundamentally unhappy because you’re not being what you really are. Joy is actually the beingness of the real you, and the manifestation of that is as simple as falling asleep.

Q: I do a lot, but it also feels good to do, or a lot of things I do I think I know to do them, but it’s a lot and I feel tired, so I don’t know really how to handle this well,…

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