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Flowers Within Grave Matters: A Tender Love Of Balance

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When: November 22, 2004
Afternoon Meeting
Where: ,

Q: I feel I closed off my sensitivity very young, and later in life closed it off even more. I’d love to connect with it fully, and really live what I know.

John: Nurture the little within your self. When you have some measure of tender delight, within, then there is a place from which you can deal with more serious things. You can be dealing with grave matters, but the way that you are dealing with them won't have the desired effect if there are not at least some flowers interspersed – some flowers growing in between the grave matters. Don’t forget to nurture the little, within. 

Q: The “little” for me is all that I cherish most. Is that what you mean?

John: In such a way that clearly produces delicate delight. Without such delicate delight, grave matters are only burdensome. Create no burdens. The uncreated burdens are just enough for you to carry.

Q: The ones I haven’t created myself?

John: Yes. Those burdens that are there as a result of your fair choices are not amongst the created burdens.

Q: Those burdens that as a being we want to carry? Then they are not a burden?

John: It is what you as a person are open to carry. As a being you don’t relate to a burden; there isn’t even the focus of carrying a burden. Within your person, authentic beingness enables you to create ways of dealing with things, ways that combine thought, feeling and effort. 

What matters most is that you are being that beingness that you both know and love the most, that enables you to have a wholesome balance of clear thinking, feeling and effort. 

Love how revitalizing tender balance is. While you are constantly self-balancing, cherish being the tiniest pendulum that you can.

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