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No Spin: Love Your Heart No Matter What

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When: September 22, 2014
Evening Meeting
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Q: We talked many years ago. Although I don't remember my question to you, I know that tears streamed down my face most of the time and the essence of what you said really resonated with me. Now, many more years have gone by, and I don’t think I’ve changed. Maybe I never understood you.

John: You didn’t understand. You knew and you didn’t need to understand what you knew. You needed to be in complete response to what you knew. Understanding what you know doesn’t put you into what you know. It means that what you know has some form. It doesn’t need to have any form for you to respond to it. 

Everything that you learn about what is deeper than your self will distract you from what you know. It will empower your self in being separate from what you know. It empowers your self by making your self important. What you think and feel in your experience and in your life will become so important. You’ll be able to make the importance in your self all about what you know: thinking about it, talking about it, having all kinds of spin about what you know. 

Everything that you learn about what you know, you don’t need. What you learn about it doesn’t factor in until you’re being what you know. The relevance of the understanding is post-oneness. It’s after oneness. Its real use belongs to oneness. 

Q: I can see since then a lot of things have changed in my life for the better, but I also see that another part of my life has tightened and I’m attracting abusive situations, nearly ending my life in an Indian jail for a crime I didn't commit. There are some places in my life where I deceived myself totally, and I can’t see what is happening or what I’m doing.

John: Despite anything that you can think about, love your heart. Don’t take the time to spin in anything. Love your heart despite anything that befalls you. You don’t need to spin if you’re wrongfully accused. You don’t need to spin if you are wrongfully put in jail. It doesn’t matter what befalls you. Love your heart.

There isn’t a real or a good reason ever to spin. Being separate, being lost, being distracted, do not offer a real reason to spin.

Q: I would love to stop spinning. Thank you, John.

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