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The Indomitable Nature Of Service

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When: October 16, 2008
Afternoon Meeting
Where: ,

Q: You’ve spoken about a servant’s heart, and not being deceived by what looks like service but isn’t. The movie ‘The Remains of the Day’ made me reflect on where true service lies. Would you speak more about service?

John: Service, within, opens the self and the person to receive that which you are coming from, within, and serving. Everyone is in service to something … most of it not worth mentioning.

With a fundamental shift, within, causing a complete reorientation of being, there also follows a complete reorientation of service, within, making manifest with what you have that which you are. What you are is necessarily what you serve, is necessarily what you become. 

Understanding the indomitable nature of service makes you that much more responsible for what you are and what you become.

What makes service as imperishable as what you first are is unanimity of consciousness: all direct knowledge, all one, every point in harmony because of you, mattering.

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