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Returning To Your Innermost – A Life Of Love

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When: September 15, 2016
Evening Meeting
Where: ,

Q: What is in the way of shifting all at once to being what we really are?

John: Nothing. Believe only what you most deeply, directly know the truth of in your heart and there’s nothing in the way. Without that, your false beliefs are all, impossibly, in the way. 

The more that you work with them to be rid of them, the stronger you make them. When you don’t like them you’re feeding them. When you like them, you’re feeding them. If you’re sick of being separate you’re not finished with being separate. The being sick of it is an indulgence. When you simply, so simply, have no need of being separate anymore, you’re not. 

If you favour even a tiny little bit of doing so that you can be, then you must suffer being separate a little longer. When you unconditionally no longer have such need, you’re home. Lift a finger to help that, and you’re not home. 

There isn’t anything, on its own, in all of existence, that can separate you from what you really are, that can separate you from your being. There’s no kind of self of yours that can separate you. There’s no kind of past that can separate you. There’s no weight of patterning that can separate you. There’s no kind of abuse in all of existence that can separate you. 

No one anywhere, at any time, has a good reason for being separate. No one needs therapy, no one needs a change, no one needs a difference. The real is from the innermost outwards, and it works. 

You see it in a baby’s smile, or its laugh. There isn’t anything there that can be improved. What is there is innermost, sweetly outwards. You’re welcome to it directly, instantly, without a touch of process. It doesn’t matter what condition your body’s in, your mind, your feelings, your emotion, your will, your self, your life, your past. None of it is a hindrance.

Q: It’s always seemed like there’s a jumping-off point – a movement, a quarter-step, a half-step. I hear you say there’s no step.

John: It seems, yes. As soon as there’s a tiny little stepping-off point, what you create is the fear of that step. There is no step.  And deep, deep within you have no fear. 

There isn’t anything that you have to lose for you to be this everything. It costs you only absolutely everything. Once you’ve paid it, you realize it wasn’t everything at all. It’s only after you’ve paid the price that you experience in your nervous system that it was really just an illusion, made real by you in your nervous system at some point in your past. It costs you only your false beliefs. It costs you nothing.

Q: And are we preferring something known, as opposed to something unknown?

John: What you really are is unknown in its entirety to your nervous system, but not to you. If you’re looking for an experience of being what you really are, you’re not finished with illusion yet. But if opening unconditionally into what you really are is story-free and result-free, you’re home. 

You don’t need a good life. You don’t need happiness. You don’t need ease in your life and you don’t need to be rid of any difficulty at all. You don’t need peace. You, beautifully, have need of nothing, and there, in what you really are, you’re at rest. 

It doesn’t change when your self is in difficulty. It doesn’t change within any kind of loss. It isn’t made better with any kind of gain. Enlightenment doesn’t make it even a tiny little bit better. The worst of pain, on any level, doesn’t tarnish it. 

When you’re being it, all that really remains, in the midst of anything, is love. This is your life. This is like essence of baby, free to have your whole life. You won’t miss anything.

Q: Thank you.

John: You see. And in the seeing, you quietly love. Your question isn’t answered: you’re answered. 

In this, everything that is real is available to you – even the stars. You have no limit.



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